The world’s largest democracy (INDIA) has the dynastic rule since its inception. The central (Federal) government of India has the absolute right to dismiss any State Government. It exercises complete and absolute control over:

  1. Natural resources of all states. Can give arbitrary decisions even contrary to its own laws or international laws,
  2. All revenues from states,
  3. All media of communications TV, radio, telephones, are owned and operated by the central government. Rigid control over newspapers. Restrictions on the movements of both Indian and foreign journalists is the specialty,
  4. All banks and financial institutions are under central control,
  5. Content and format of educational courses is controlled by the center,
  6. No one can own more than eighteen acres of land for agriculture purpose, of course for industrial purpose there is no limit,
  7. No state government can permit any person to install any industry without the sanction of the central government.

 Selfless service (Sewa)

 Sri Guru Nanak once said that ‘‘True service is done by the contented only, which dwell on the True One.” The selfless service (Sewa) was his main mission of life. Once his father sent him with money to start a business, he met some hungry saints, and he spent all his money in feeding them. During the latter part of his life, he started “Guruka langar,’ a unique system in the world. There are hundreds of examples of true service. He preached and practiced the philosophy of deep concern for the good of mankind. It flowed from his faith and compassion for the humanity. He said, “Only by serving mankind in this world, can a seat in this Heaven be attained.” Another time he narrated, ‘“True servants are those who seek God through the service of people.” Then, “without service, no fruits are possible, service is a great achievement.”

Service is effective when done with devotion, humility, selflessness and love. The feeling one gets after performing good deeds such as Sewa, there are no words to express that experience.

 Let us follow our founder’s tradition and serve humanity as long as we live and achieve real purpose of life and enjoyment in this world.

The Sikh Relief Report

After hearing the sad news that some Hindu terrorists have committed genocide and burnt properties of innocent Sikhs, it was essential to provide prompt relief to the victims. The Salvation Army was contacted to expedite efforts. A call was made to the Sikh community for “Seva’’ fund. A request was made to write checks to the Salvation Army and a memo to the Sikh Relief Fund. The response was overwhelming. The Sikhs and organizations responded with full devotion and spirit of “Sewa.”’ The Sikh ‘‘sevadaars”’ and the Salvation Army are commended for their efforts. This is still in progress.

“Sewa’”’ is in full swing. We have confirmed from independent sources (some people arrived from Delhi) that the following projects are in progress:

  1. Distribution of utensils to the refugees.
  2. Woolen clothes for the refugees.

More projects are planned such as Medical aid for the needy, adoption of orphans, educational arrangements for the children in camps and rehabilitation of victims.

More volunteers are needed to perform selfless services (Seva) in different areas. Please write or call if you sincerely desire to serve your community:

Dr. and Mrs. Harbans Singh Sraon

Route 1, Box 172 F

Nebraska NE

68410 (402) 873-5811

Article extracted from this publication >> DECEMBER-28-1984