Major Singh University of Ottawa

India remained in abject slavery under despotic foreign rulers for nearly one thousand years —tenth Century A.D. to 1947.

In 1469 A.D. Guru Nanak founded Sikhism. As distinct from a mere religion, Sikhism is a unique movement, a way of life, a society of Saint Soldiers, specifically created to fight tyranny and aggression, restore basic human civil liberties and freedoms and to establish absolute fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man, in sharp contrast to the world of superstitions, ritualism, casteism and idolatry prevailing at that period of history.

This new faith preached earning of living with honest work, share this earning with needy fellow beings, uphold righteousness, life of integrity, freedom for all, equal rights for all human beings irrespective of caste, birth high or low, sex or position in society. Complete submission to the will of God, fearlessness, never to frighten any and no compromise with tyrants and aggressors under any circumstances.

The task was a grim struggle, not only against the aggressors, but also for the oppressed who did not relish being liberated from servility of centuries.

This new faith fought its battles without any material resources, except the purity of life and upright moral character of its followers strengthened by the high principles mentioned in the preceding paragraphs and unflinching faith in God and ultimate victory for Truth.

This unique revolution in human history cost the Sikhs lives of two of the GURUS and over one hundred thousand of its followers who were inhumanly and brutally tortured to death. This whole process was spread over more than half a century (middle of eighteenth century) A.D.

Due to domestic problems in their home country in the postwar years the British had to leave India in 1947 handing over power in good faith to the self-styled leaders of the majority community.

Immediately on receiving power, these Hindu leaders who are traditionally known for their treacherous, dishonest, ungrateful and thankless character which is a natural outcome of centuries old slavery, were haunted by illusory fears of losing power to their liberators (The Sikhs). This imaginary fear prompted them to concentrate all power in the Centre and in one hand (Nehru) who passed it on to his daughter, who then on to her son thus making India a virtual monarchy and dynastic rule. The word ‘“‘democracy” is a mere deception. India is a possessed ally of the Soviets.

As a result of this government planned AntiSikh campaign, a full-fledged Army attack was mounted on Punjab under a heavy “Iron Curtain” which has not been lifted up to now. All official and nonofficial requests by Human Rights agencies public or government have been disdainfully and stubbornly rejected by the government of India.

Losses unofficially known to us are appended below:

(a) Akal Takht and the Golden Temple (Temporal and Religious mother institutions of the Sikhs) along with all administrative buildings for these two shrines, housing Sikh historical library, SGPC offices, Rest houses, and Sikh museums have been completely destroyed. The library contained rare original writings of the Sikh Gurus which cannot be replaced at any cost. These were deliberately set on fire after identifying them as such.

(b) All Gurdwaras in the state were extensively damaged or destroyed.

(c) Ten thousand innocent men, women and children were mercilessly massacred. Their dead ‘bodies were disposed of as garbage.

(d) Punjab still remains under complete occupation of the army and Sikhs are being harassed, molested, abducted and tortured.

The above atrocities are in addition to the November holocaust in Delhi and elsewhere in India which requires no mention because it is known to one and all in the world.

This is a well calculated total plan to wipe out the Sikhs from India and yet the cry is that the Sikhs are ‘‘Terrorists’’ and ‘“‘secessionists’’ thus misleading the world at large.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 17, 1985