CHANDIGARH, India: Keen on settlement with militants the Centre has already begun secret negotiations with Akal Takht Chief Prof. Darshan Singh Khalsa according to highly placed government sources. This information is contained in the latest issue of Sunday Observer, Delhi & Bombay. A message has been sent to Prof. Darshan Singh by the Center agreeing to hold elections now the main demand of militants, according to the paper. While the official’ sources reveal that the Center’s precondition is that the excommunication of Barnala and Buta Singh be revoked and the militants want Rajiv to apologize for the Operation Bluestar.

The Centre has now also offered Chandigarh to Punjab in lieu of that Haryana will receive financial support for building its own capital as well as share the RaviBeas water as recommended by Eradi Panel. Senior police and intelligent officials while agreeing that something is being cooked were skeptical about achieving any concrete results.

They do, however, agree that this may be one of the reasons why freedom fighters are maintaining a low profile. The link between the Center and Amritsar is quite obvious or else how could the resignation of S.S. Mann now in a high security prison could reach Prof. Darshan Singh. Also important is A.LS.S.F. Chief Gurjit Singh’s statement that he will not allow the country to disintegrate. Gurjit Singh, as is well known, is close to Prof. Darshan Singh.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 20, 1987