New Delhi — A lawyer defending the man accused of killing Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi says he plans to raise fresh objections to court procedure when the trial resumes tomorrow in a top security prison.

P.N. Lekhi representing Satwant Singh who is charged with shooting Mrs. Gandhi last .October 31, said he would object to the order in which witnesses were due to appear on the grounds that this was unfair to the defense.

Charges against Satwant Singh and two fellow Sikhs accused of conspiracy in the murder will be formally read out at the start of tomorrow’s hearing. If Lekhi’s objection falls witnesses will begin testifying on Tuesday.

According to the prosecution Satwant Singh was one of three Prime Ministerial bodyguards implicated in the assassination plot.

Another Beant Singh was, reported to have been shot dead by security forces shortly after the murder. A third Balbir Singh faces the jester conspiracy charge together with Beant’s uncle Kehar Singh.

The trial began in May in a makeshift court setup in a school room at Delhi’s two securities Tihar Jail where the three suspects are being held. It was adjourned on June 11.

Lekhi, who raised several objections in the first weeks of the trial, said today he was not creating problems just to stall the trial.

I don’t want to delay the proceedings. I have an excellent defense he said. But he claimed the current order for witnesses to appear would penalize the defense.

“The witness from one section says medical reports or eye witnesses should all be produced together. As it is they are going to be produced bit by bit from each section… he said.

“This means witnesses who appear later will have a chance to revise their accounts.”

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 19, 1985