It was announced on 8th September 1985, at an extraordinary meeting in Coventry, England that the Parliament of Republic of Khalistan has been officially inaugurated,

This is an historic occasion for the Sikhs all over the world and particularly in occupied Khalistan.

The Parliament consists of 351 members; whereas 200 seats have been reserved for persons in occupied Khalistan and remaining 151 include the following composition:

United Kingdom 51 Canada 30 USA 30 Europe 20 Singapore & Malaysia 10 Australia & N. Zealand 10

The members of Parliament have been selected from all countries to represent all shades of opinion, where Sikhs live in substantial numbers, so that the efforts for the struggle for an independent home: land for the Sikhs, called Khalistan, could be better coordinated The Parliament will work under the direction of the Khalistan Council. It is noteworthy, that Dr Jagjit Singh Chohan has been unanimously reflected as the President of Republic of Khalistan. A Cabinet of highly professional persons have been set u, who would be responsible for diplomatic service and no effort shall be spared to propagate the cause for Khalistan in countries all over the world. 10th September 1985. LONDON

Article extracted from this publication >> September 23, 1988