Chandigarh — The Centre should abandon he policy of appeasing he Akalis and implement he Shah Commission report in to and transfer areas including Chandizarh, to Haryana as recommended by the Commission.

These demands were made in the Haryana Vidhan Sabha on Thursday by members, including two ministers, cutting across party lines, during an inconclusive discussion on a nonofficial resolution. The resolution wanted the House to ask the state Government to approach the Centre for getting areas awarded by the Shah Commission in favor of Haryana, transferred to the state.

The Chief Minister, Mr. Bhajan Lal reiterated that Haryana’s interests are adequately safe in the hands of the Prime Minister, Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. The Akalis, he said, have always adopted imitational approach contrary to the accepted norms of justice and arbitration.

The Education Minister, Mr. Jagdish Nehra, pointing out that Akali agitations were primarily aimed at gaining power denied by the people, observed “‘Even if you give half of Haryana to them, they would not be satisfied.”

Earlier, initiating the discussion, Dr. Manga’ Sein (BJP), one of the three sponsors of the resolution, while demanding implementation of the Shah Commission award in toto, blamed the rigid attitude of the Akalis and the center’s policies of divide and rule for no resolution of outstanding issues.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 12, 1985