I have just read Volume 3 dated Jan. 11, ’85 of your esteemed weekly newspaper, World Sikh News. I must congratulate you on bringing out such an enlightened and thought provoking newspaper. Special reference must be made to the writings of Ameses, Editorial and Agenda for the Future by Sardar Saran Singh (1.A.S.).

A few suggestions are given in the hope that we might use World Sikh News as a means of putting pressure upon the Canadian and U.S.A. Government to look into the violation of basic human rights which are taking place in Panjab. One simple method is to urge the Heads of the States (Canada and U.S.A.) through letter writing. If a letter outlining the injustices that are taking place to the Sikhs is printed in such a form that your readers can clip it, sign it and mail it to:

  1. Brian Mulrony, Prime Minister of Canada, Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
  2. Hon. R. Reagan President of Unitec States, Washington, D.C.; it could serve a very use full purpose. This could be one of the strategies that Sikhs living abroad must use.

My feeling is that we should move from reflection to action under the means and resources available to us.

We should also compile a mailing list of involved and evolved Sikhs in Canada who will consistently contribute to the Sikh cause. A yearly meeting of these volunteers is held during summer months to plan the strategy for the future.


S.S. Sodhi, Ph.D.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 1, 1985