BRAHMPURA, Amritsar, India: The C.R.P.F. Company was withdrawn shortly before the visit of Governor S.S. Ray. Marching orders were given out around 10:45 p.m. on Friday. The Governor accompanied by his wife, Maya, went around the village. He first visited the two Gurdwaras where acts of sacrilege were committed by C.R.P.F. on the night of December 27. C.R.P.F. personnel reportedly beat up many villagers and molested women. The Home Minister, Capt. Kanwaljit Singh was also present. Amidst “Governor Go Home” “Go Back” and “Punjab Sarkar (government) Murdabad” slogans, Mr. Ray visited the houses and talked to the inmates and later met the villagers who had boycotted his visit.

Villagers bared their bodies to show him the scars of severe beating received at the hands of C.R.P.F. The village Sarpanch, Daljit Singh and Balbir Singh, Sarpanch of Naushehra Pannua said that boycott was to express resentment because the government had failed to take any action against the guilty C.R.P.F. men.

Angry Balbir Singh described the C.R.P.F. act as barbaric. We do not want lip sympathy but action against the so called disciplined paramilitary force, he said. Villagers were up in arms against an agency’s report published from Delhi which dubbed the Sarpanch and the school headmaster as harbourers of freedom fighters.

People were incensed by such motivated reports and also by statements by certain Hindu organizations which are trying to absolve. the C.R.P.F. of the crime.

The Governor told the audience that he has come to see and hear what people have to say and i would send his report to the Chief Minister. He was repeatedly interrupted by villagers eager to know what action had been taken against the C.R.P.F.

An agency report from Delhi said that Company Commander, Mukhram Yadav of the C.R.P\F. has been suspended for his unit’s action in Brahampura. The Company Commander has full collective liability, an official spokesman said, adding that further action on the matter would be taken on the conclusion of the enquiry.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 9, 1987