The politburo of the CPIM reviewed the Punjab situation at its two-day meeting here on Saturday. The CPIM has urged the Government to hold a judicial inquiry into the November riots and pave the way for negotiations with the Akalis.

In the opinion of the CPI-M, a settlement with the Akalis is not difficult and it has been pointed out that Indira Gandhi’s broadcast of June 2 on the eve of the Army action in Punjab could be the basis for a settlement.

The CPI-M’s West Bengal leader, Mr. Jyoti Basu, and the politburo member, Mr. Harkishan Surjeet, briefed the party on the Punjab situation. Mr. Basu had discussed this matter with the

Prime Minister and wanted the Government to come out with some concrete proposals on the Punjab situation. The Prime Minister wanted the CPIM’s support to tackle the Punjab problem.

Mr. Basu had reportedly told the Prime Minister that his party would be prepared to extend full support to him and give its opinion but it must be convinced that the Government was keen to settle the issue. However, Mr. Basu came back with the impression that the Government was worried at the latest developments. Mr. Basu apprised the politburo members about his discussion with the Prime Minister.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985