By Dr. Gurmit S. Aulakh

POINT 1: Because Sikhs have declared Khalistan, severing all relations with India, no government under the Indian Constitution will be allowed to form in Punjab. Any Sikh who attempts to connive with the Indian government will be excommunicated from the Khalsa Panth by the Jathedar of Akal Takht. Until the occupying Indian forces are removed from Khalistan, Punjab will be governed by Sarbat Khalsa through its appointed Panthic Committee and the Panthic Committee’s political arm, the Council of Khalistan.

POINT II: All Sikhs should engage in peaceful resistance against the Indian government. Sikhs should boycott all goods and services to and from the Indian government including the payment of taxes and land revenues. Banners and posters should be placed throughout Khalistan with slogans reading “Indian Army; Quit Kahlistan” or Freedom, for, Sikhs in, Occupied, Punjab” or any, other slogans bearing a similar message,

POINT III: As part of the boycott of goods and services to and from the Indian government, Sikh farmers shall no longer produce any crop for sale to the Indian government. Khalistan produces 73% of total Indian wheat reserves and 48% of total Indian rice reserves. Historically, the Punjab farmer has never received a fair price for these crops. By eliminating the use of fertilizer and reducing the area of cultivated land, the Sikh farmer will cut back on the cost of production and be able to produce only enough crops to meet the consumption needs of Khalistan.

POINT IV: For almost six months out of the year, universities in Punjab are closed. During this six month period, the students should go into the villages and educate the masses about the Khalistan independence struggle and also help the elderly, the widows and the orphans. The wealthy Sikhs should finance this endeavor.

POINT V: The Golden Temple represents the heart and soul of the Sikhs. Part of its rich heritage is the fact that it has always remained open. Because it is the duty and desire of every Sikh to maintain the sanctity of this beloved shrine, the Sikhs should gather by the tens of thousands and peacefully march straight into Darbar Sahib whenever the Indian government attempts to occupy and isolate the Golden Temple from the Sikhs.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 22, 1988