AMRITSAR, Punjab, India: The Council of Khalistan formed by the Panthic Committee to steer the struggle for Khalistan has asked the militant organizations to stop killing the Sikh families, women and children. In a signed statement four Council members appealed to the heads of freedom fighting organizations not to wipeout the Sikh families and said it was irreligious to kill women and children. They also asked the freedom fighters to use their energies against all such Killings.

The Council warned that strict action would be taken who did not stop the killings. It also took note of the self-styled General who went about killing Sikh families. The Council held the Government responsible for the killing of women and children and asked the Sikhs to be beware of such agents in the guise of militants. The Council appealed to the Sikh Head Priests to take appropriate action against all those who were indulging in such killings and were extorting money from the innocent people. The statement in Punjab was released by the Panthic Committee spokesmen Nirwair Singh and Jagir Singh in the Parikrama of the Golden Temple Complex. The Council also called upon the two factions of the A.I.S.S.F. and the Panthic Committee to launch a movement to put an end to the killings of the Sikh families. Similar statements were also issued by Khalistan Commando Force. Lt. General Sukhdev Singh Jhumke has directed all his activists to stop killing Sikh families, women and children and warned them of stern action if his orders were violated,

The Council urged the Head Priests to approach U.N. human rights commission and International Human Rights organizations to fight for the rights of the Sikh community in India,

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988