SIKHS worldwide are aware of the thousands of Sikhs in Punjab who are being tortured and killed by police forces. We are also painfully aware that many of these barbarities are undertaken by fellow Sikhs, To those Sikhs condoning and/or participating in the killings and maiming defenseless young men, women and children, the Sikh nation warns you and implores you not to continue. Can you truly call yourselves Sikhs after gouging out the eyes and severing off the limbs of our Sikh youth? Do you truly believe that ripping the flesh of the back of a Sikh will make you a GurSikh? Are you so vulgar and inhuman that you see nothing wrong with killing your own people for a promotion?

Realize that what is being done to the Sikhs by the Indian government will eventually be done to you. The Indian government wants to destroy the Sikh nation and that includes all Sikhs, when you are no longer needed by the Government, the Government will kill you.

Do not be deceived into thinking that the Sikhs are unaware of your crimes, we will not continue to tolerate oppression by our own people as well as oppression by others. Know that you cannot destroy the Sikh Freedom Movement by destroying Sikhs, your atrocities only serve to invigorate us.

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh

Article extracted from this publication >> February 5, 1988