‘It is a matter of great pride and honor to know that there are Sikhs among the top brass of the Indian Army. As you know, Sikh bravery and their will to do the impossible have earned Sikhs universal recognition as the finest soldiers in the world,

However, the history of Indian Conduct in the last 40 years has put the Sikh soldier in a very precarious position. Instead of projecting him as a defender of justice and freedom, the brave Sikh has been pushed to a compromising situation; He is now a villain, a violator of human rights and an enemy of his race, religion and people.

The Indian government has cleverly used the Sikh spirit of sacrifice for their own narrow end. Indo Pak wars, the Indo China war, international conflicts in eastern India and now the murder of Tamils in Sri Lanka are a few examples where Sikh soldiers and generals have been used for Hindu glory and gratification. While the Sikhs defend India, India simultaneously butchers the brothers and sisters of these soldiers everyday within occupied Punjab.

I urge you on behalf of the besieged Sikh nation to liberate your own people. Only through your heroic efforts can the Sikhs survive and prosper. Your service to the Hindu Nation only destroys your Nation in occupied Punjab. ‘The sacrifice and trust that the Sikhs have placed with the Indian government has been betrayed. Our only hope for the future is to unite as a People and to act as a Nation.

Let us regain the dignity and pride of the Sikhs. Let us once again show the world what being a true Sikh really means and together rise to this monumental challenge, On Dashmesh Ji’s auspicious Birthday, I ask you to come forward and dedicate your services to the Khalsa Panth, Guru and his Family to which we all belong.

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh


Article extracted from this publication >> January 8, 1988