MODESTO, Ca.: Responding to the letter of S. Sukhchain Singh Brar of Modesto, Hon. Tony Coelho, Congressman (Democrat) from the 15th district of California, expressed his concern for the civil and human rights of Sikhs in India. Elaborating his concern he wrote:

“I sincerely regret that I was not able to participate in the special order debate which followed the conclusion of the legislative business of the House on June 2. Nonetheless, I certainly share my colleagues’ concern for the civil and human rights of the Sikhs in India.

“Sikhs have made tremendous contributions in India and the United States. The high industrial and agricultural output in the Punjab is proof of how successful the Sikhs have been in building a stronger, self-sufficient India.

“It is time that that the world is awakened to the problems the Sikhs are facing in India. Too many Sikhs and too many Hindus Gunman Kills Six, Injures 18 In Melbourne Shooting Massacre

MESS Aug. 10, Reuter: Six people were killed and 18 injured when a gunman went on a shooting spree in a Melbourne suburb last night, police said today.

Several wounded are in a critical condition and the death toll could rise, police said.

Most of the victims were in cars when the gunman fired at least 25 shots in the half-hour attack, they said.

One woman was shot dead as she sat in her car at a service station.

Another woman was hit in the back and died as she went to help a man and a woman shot dead in a gutter.

A man was shot dead as he drove his car past the scene.

The sixth victim was shot as he rode past the gunman on a motorcycle.

Police said they arrested a 19yearold man) with recent army training and found a small calibre automatic rifle and a shotgun:

It is the worst shooting incident in Australia since the father’s day massacre in Sydney in September. 1984, when six men and a 14yearold girl were killed and more than 30 people wounded in a clash

between rival motorcycle gangs. have suffered because of the government’s inability to uphold the guarantees established in the Indian constitution. India is considered to be the largest democracy in the world, and certainly I share your hope that her government will live up to its promises and provide the freedom upon which a democracy is based.”

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 14, 1987