New Delhi: Sikhs outside Punjab had always formed a solid and dependable support to the congress ({I). But direct participation of congress High ups in killing Sikhs has not only totally alienated them but there is a visible undercurrent of anger and animosity in Sikh hearts against the Congress (1). Congress (1) candidates know for certain that no Sikh worth the name is going to cast his vote in their favor. Sikhs constitute nearly 20% of Delhi’s population and they have fairly large settlements in various other important constituencies in the rest of India. Loss of Sikh votes can seriously affect the chances of a good number of Congress (I) ‘Toughs.’ The candidates feel unnerved and, in their anxiety, to win the elections by hook or crook, they have directed their hired hood-lums to ensure non-participation of Sikh voters. Posters have appeared suggesting repetition of looting and killing if Sikhs dared out of their homes on the Election Day. The myth of democracy in India stands fully exploded. Minorities have of democratic rights there. They must either submit to Hindu domination or suffer extermination through more subtle but shockingly ruthless designs.

Article extracted from World Sikh News issue dated >> DECEMBER-28-1984