New Delhi — Prominent Trade Union leader and Member of Parliament, Mr. Lalit Makan, was shot dead along with his wife and a bystander at his residence in South Delhi. Mr. Makan was 35. Two Hindu terrorists came on a scooter and opened fire with a stengun killing all the three present there. They escaped after the attack.

Delhi police commissioner has imposed Section 144 in the city prohibiting assembly of more than four persons at a place. Police claim to have arrested three persons but declined to give details. Police is working on number of theories and is reportedly of the opinion that Mr. Makan’s rivalries in the Trade Union movement could be a factor behind the attack.

Police is also examining the mention of Mr. Makan’s name in the public inquiries in anti-Sikh riots. The report entitled, ‘““Who Are Guilty,” has the following observation in regard to Mr. Makan’s role: “Lalit Makan. Congress (I) Trade Union leader and Metropolitan Councilor reportedly paid to mob Rs. 100 each plus a bottle of liquor. A white ambassador car reportedly belonging to him came 4 times to the G. T. road area near Azadpur. Instructions to mobs indulging in arson were given from inside the car.”

No wonder Rajiv Gandhi elevated him from Municipal Councilor to Member Parliament, the highest legislative body of the country.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 2, 1985