BOMBAY, India: Pandemon jum broke out when former Union Finance Minister, V.P. Singh, arrived at Padder College Hall in Central Bombay to participate in question answer programme organized by local business community.

As Mr. Singh entered the Hall, he was given standing ovation by the audience who also raised “Zindabad” slogans. Suddenly about twenty members of the Congress affiliated National Student Union of India and Forum of Patriots of the Centre raised slogans like vp. Singh Murdabad”, “YP. Singh Go Back”, “VP. Singh C. LA. Agent”

The situation became tense and utter confusion prevailed. The slogan shouting by the N.S.U. and the audience continued for ten minutes. All of a sudden 12 members from the audience threw chappals (shoes) at the demonstrators in the balcony. They, however, hurled them back on the Dias where Mr. Singh and other dignitaries were sitting. There was a minor scuffle between some members of the audience and slogan shouting youth,

The situation further aggravated when volunteers of committee which had sponsored the programme became irritated with the demonstrators.

The hall was packed to its full capacity. Several N.S.U.I. members were seen shouting “‘V.P.

Singh Murdabad”, “V.P. Singh CILA. Agent”. Later the slogan shouting youths were remanded by police.

V.P. singh later denied that the Prime Minister was involved in the scandal. There was no evidence to show Gandhi’s involvement in the deal. It is improper to charge an individual without concrete evidence, he said. “However”, he reiterated, “his charge that Rs. 80 crores has been paid as commission in the deal and crores of rupees have been deposited in the Swiss bank account which could lead to economic instability of the country”.

At present there was no alternative to the Congress (I) in the country, he said. Collecting money from the businessmen for the party’s funds is the root cause of all corruption. He said that Congressmen demanding his removal from the party are unhappy at his demand for a probe in deposits in the Swiss account by Indians,

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 3, 1987