KITCHENER, Ontario, Canada: Annual General Body meeting of the Golden Triangle Sikh Association (Gurdwara Sahib, Kitchener), one of the largest gurdwaras in Ontario, held here on June 19, 1987. The membership, second year in a row, unanimously elected a new 11 member committee for another year. The membership thanked and congratulated the outgoing committee for its dedicated efforts and outstanding performances.

It should be noted here that the outgoing committee had emerged from the worst possible circumstances. But it is to the credit of the committee members that they not only avoided any conflicts in the community but put up one of the finest performance in managing the affairs of the gurdwara.

The nominations for the new executive committee were invited from the membership in advance but only 11 names for the 11 vacancies came and they were made unanimous by the membership. The new Executive Committee is as follow: President S. Amar S. Sembhi V. President S. Gurdeep S. Heer Secretary Giani Harbhajan S. Chhokar General Sec. Mrs. Yashpal Kaur Gakhal Treasurer S. Kewal S. Jugpall Asst. Tre. S. Gurdev S. Dhillon

Member S. Mohan S. Chatha Member S. Mohan S. Basraon Member S. Kulbir S. Brar Member S. Gurpartap S. Gill Member Mrs. Gian Kaur Sandhawalia It is expected that the new Executive Committee will continue to work for the betterment of the community and Sikh Panth.


World Sikh News has consistently maintained that the killing of the innocents is being done by the Indian government agents in order to discredit Sikh freedom struggle. And every effort is made to put the stories reported by various news agencies in the correction perspective. Since all the foreign based news agencies reproduce stories released by the government controlled agencies in India there is always a visible anti-Sikh bias in them. We try our best to correct it. However, sometimes through sheer oversight or because of lack of adequate staff, there have occurred some lapses on our part. One such mistake was committed in the July 10 issue. In the stories covering the killing of bus passengers, the expression Sikh gunmen was changed to gunmen but at just one place the expression Sikh was inadvertently printed with gunmen. The error is sincerely regretted and we propose to be more careful in ‘future. The newspaper policy on this issue has been made fairly clear in the editorial “Who Killed the Bus Passengers” published in July 17th issue.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 24, 1987