JULLUNDUR, India: The Secretariat of the Punjab State Committee of the C.P.M. has expressed its great concern at the campaign launched by A.LS.S.F. Activists and other militant groups against tobacco sellers, liquor vendors and barber shops for closing their shops.

The two day meeting of the Secretariat which concluded here said that any social evil could only be removed through persuasion and education. To force people to give up their social habits and customs in the name of religion was against fundamental rights of an individual. Such forces can create a situation that would result in further deepening the communal divide and feelings of security among minorities and might lead to migration of a section of Punjab people with repercussions outside Punjab.

This campaign against petty shopkeepers and traders would hit the economy adversely and would further accentuate unemployment in the poor sections of the society. The secretariat urged the Central government complement tees Dee. Poa a jab Accord and release Jodhpur detainees against whom there were no serious sedition charges. This will help in arousing the people against the conspiracies of imperialists and their stooges. Further they impressed upon the Punjab government to take more effective measures to maintain law and order.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 10, 1987