NEW DELHI: What is the Congress (I) leadership up to? A statement issued by eight Congress (1) Working Committee members provides an inkling of the menacing critical development in the offing. The eight working committee members stated that the opposition parties were trying to exploit for their own political gains the spurt in Punjab killings and riots in Jammu and Kashmir, which they said took place as a result of attempts by vested’ interests to Tionize the executed assassins of Indira Gandhi.

The statement was issued by Uma Shamkar Dixit, Darbara Singh, A Unnakrishnan, A. Karunakaran, B. Shankranand, Arjan Singh, A.K., Anthony, Ghani Khan Chandhary and N.D. Tewari.

Not a word has been uttered by these critics to condemn the merciless Delhi killing of innocent

Sikhs including helpless women and children. Political observers attach great significance to the ‘statements similar statements condemning the so called “antinational” role of the opposition were also issued on the eve of Emergency in 1975. They feel that Rajiv Gandhi’s position has become more perilous than that of his mother in 1975 because of corruption scandals and his revengeful policies. Continuance of H.K.L. Bhagat and Jagdish Tytler in his cabinet and his refusal to punish the guilty of 1984 Sikh killings, the observers feel, shows his contempt for public opinion. The statement is considered ominous and observers see in it a dark cloud that can strangulate democracy in India.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 20, 1989