NEW DELHI, India: Dr. Jagjit Singh Chohan, the President of exiled Khalistan government in London has said that the Indian Armed Forces man oeuvres across the Pakistani borders are a prologue to the Indian attack on Pakistan, according to reports reaching Islamabad. psp 6.61 recover file . He said the intelligence reports of the Khalistan government in exile revealed that Indian intended to attack Pakistan around Easter. He said Soviet experts were participating in the Indian man oeuvres to train the Indians in the accurate use of the mortars in case of war.

Dr. Chohan said India would attack Pakistan from the Khalistan side and as such it was creating panicky situation there, by arresting Sikh leaders.

He said the Indian propaganda against the Sikhs and allegations against Pakistan for supporting them was the part of a campaign designed to level ground for attacking Pakistan.

He appealed to the Pakistan government to recognize Khalistan and questioned that if India could recognize Bangladesh during 1971 debacle to strengthen Sheikh Mujib’s hands, why could Pakistan not recognize Khalistan.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 6, 1987