PEKING, China, March 14, (Reuter): China called on India to stop rallies on its soil by Tibetian exiles protesting against Chinese rule in their homeland. A Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement that “a small number of Tibetian troublemakers” had demonstrated in New Delhi last Tuesday, aiming to split China and undermine its national unity. “What these troublemakers said is sheer fabrication and what they did not only jeopardise the interests of the Tibetian people, but also runs counter to the Dalai Lama’s wish to improve relations with the central government”, the spokesman said.

About 500 Tibetian refugees, shouting slogans such as “Free Tibet from Chinese control”, marched through the streets of the Indian capital to mark the 28th anniversary of a Tibetian uprising against Chinese rule. The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibetans, fled into exile in India after the revolt.

The Chinese spokesman said Tibet was an integral part of Chinese territory and no one could change this “historical fact”.

“The Indian side would sincerely fulfill its commitment of not allowing Tibetians in India to carry out on Indian territory any anti-China political activities”, he added.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 20, 1987