NEW DELHI, India; The Chief Minister of Madhaya Pardesh, Mr. Moti Lal Vohra and Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr, Bhindeshwari Dubey resigned after the leadership changes in Rajasthan. The exit of these two Chief Ministers fuels circulation about much wider changes in the Congress (I) Tuled states and at the center. Vohra was summoned to Delhi two days ago. He arrived in a state plane and called on the Home Minister, Buta Singh. Dubey arrived in Delhi on Sunday morning. also met the Home Minister. Both of them are understood to have been given the marching orders by Buta Singh. Both Vohra and Dubey said that they had bowed to the wishes of Congress High Command and that they would continue to serve the party. Dubey’s exit became imminent after his last visit to Delhi, though there were firm indications a week ago that the Prime Minister had asked Dubey to step down. There has been a considerable uncertainty about the choice of his successor. Among those who were tipped to succeed Dubey’s chances of Mishra seem to be brighter than that of other contenders. There is also a speculation that changes would be made in the Union Cabinet in a day or two. According to political observers. These changes in the Congress (I) ruled states are intended to pave the way for mid-term elections.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 19, 1988