It was interesting to read the news that Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi has recently met with President Jayewardene of Sri Lanka to mediate on behalf of the Tamil minority. One wonders, why Rajiv Gandhi feels sour and cries “foreign interference” when somebody asks him about the plight of the Sikh minority in India?

What is more interesting; both Prime Minister Gandhi and President Jayewardene flew over Bangladesh to express their humanitarian sympathy to the victims of the natural disaster. At home, both Gandhi and Jayewardene are subjecting their Sikh and Tamil minorities respectively to a human disaster, which is the product of state terrorism.

Somebody has to tell this odd couple that this show business abroad is fine, but how long can they delay the day of reckoning? This charity abroad cannot cover up the brutality at home.


Gurcharan Singh

The Sikh Heritage Institute,

 Inc. P.O. Box 46, Albertson, New York 11507

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 14, 1985