LONDON, Feb. 6, Reuter: A car worker was accused in a London court on Saturday of making a bomb which killed two baggage handlers’ at Tokyo’s Narita airport in 1985.

Inderjit Singh Reyat, 35, was remanded in custody and will appear at an extradition hearing on April 5.

British police arrested Reyat on Friday on behalf of Canadian authorities who want to extradite him to face eight charges in connection with the bombing.

“The case against this fugitive is that he assembled and manufactured the explosive device,” said Clive Nicholls, a lawyer for the Canadian government.

Nicholas told the court that the bomb had been placed in a Canadian Pacific Aircraft from Vancouver and was being transferred at Narita to an Air India flight bound for Bangkok when it exploded.

Four people were also injured in the blast.

Reyat, who lived with his wife and three children in the Central English city of Coventry, said nothing during the hearing.

Nicholls said Canadian authorities needed two months to prepare. Their extradition case which centers on a forensic examination of debris from the explosives used in the blast and comparison with explosives alleged to have been Reyat’s possession in Canada.

Investigations into the bombing. Involved cooperation between Canadian, Indian Japanese and British authorities, he said.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 12, 1988