OTTOWA, Ontario, Can. Birthday of the Khalsa was celebrated by the Canadian Sikhs with great enthusiasm at the Parliament Hill on Wednesday, April 13, 1988. The Speaker of the House of Commons, Hon. John Fraser, was the guest speaker at the celebrations. More than 200 members of the W.S.O., wearing W.S.O. buttons participated in the celebrations and more than 100 members of the Parliament, Senators and Foreign diplomats of various countries also participated. Justice Ajit Singh Bains, Chairman of the Punjab Human Rights Organization, was also present at the occasion. Senator Macquarie introduced Mr. and Mrs. Stardall of Charlesville, Nova Scotia, who had received the 174 Sikh refugees in Canada who had fled from India to escape persecution of the Indian Government.

The Sikhs present appreciated Mrs. Stardell’s hospitality shown to the Sikh refugees and they expressed their appreciation by raising “jaikaras”. Earlier on the evening of April 12, Mr. and Mrs. Stardell were honored at the local Gurdwara and Paramjit Singh, Sikh Society, presented Saropas to Mrs. Stardell for her goodwill gesture. She was also invited to Vaisakhi celebrations at the Parliament Hill however; the Indian High Commission officials reportedly resented the invitation to Mrs. Stardell at the Parliament Hill.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 22, 1988