NEW DELHI— The Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs, Mr. Joe Clark, declared here that his government was taking steps against what he called Sikh “terrorists” and it was determined to protect the sovereign integrity of India. Addressing a press conference shortly before his departure to Islamabad (Pakistan), after a four day visit here, Mr. Clark added that Canada wanted to ensure not only sovereignty of India but of Canada also. He said that Sikh “terrorism” was a matter of deep concern for both countries and it cast unfair reflection on Canadian Sikhs. Mr. Clark said that he had raised the issue of terrorism at his meeting with Rajiv Gandhi and apprised him with the steps taken by Canada to “contain the menace’’. Meanwhile Mr. Rajiv Gandhi categorically stated in Rajya Sabha that there was no question of “our intelligence being involved in a recent Air India crash. The Prime Minister assured Mr. Khushwant Singh during question hour that that report in the Canadian press which had said that Indian intelligence was aware of the impending crash, was not correct.


Article extracted from this publication >>  December 27, 1985