The Sikh Human Rights Grou

Started the campaign in January, 1988, for the release of Sikh detainees in India with special emphasis on

The Jodhpur detainees, Simaranjit Singh Mann,

Gen. Narinder Singh and Balkar Singh

In this campaign we will concentrate on the Jodhpur detainees (authorization received) and Simaranjit Sigh Mann.

Brief History

During the invasion of the Golden Temple in June, 1984, 380 Sikhs were taken. Camp for more than 2 days When Indian authorities discovered that some of them were members of the All India Sikh Students Federation (advocating an independent Sikh state), all of them were charged with waging war against the state. These detainees included old persons, children and women; most of them were pilgrims and S.G.P.C. employees.

A Special Court set up to try these persons found that the government could not substantiate the charges.

The Bains Commission, set up by the government to investigate political detentions, pronounced them innocent. Justice Tiwana, conducting the judicial enquiry on behalf of the government, found that many of them were tortured, In spite of all this; some of them are still behind bars and are mentally tortured.

Action Recommended: Approach religious human rights, political or minority ‘organization in your area and request them to write to the President of India for immediate release of Innocent people. Let us know of the action taken.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 4, 1988