FREMONT, Ca. California’s Lt. Governor Leo McCarthy and State Senator Mr. Milton Marks were presented with Saropas (Robe of Honor) at the Vaisakhi celebrations in Gurdwara Fremont on Sunday, last. Addressing the congregation, Lt. Governor McCarthy praised the Sikh religious principles and particularly referred to its emphasis on Brotherhood of Man and Fatherhood of God. Mr. Milton Mark also similarly expressed his deer appreciation for the constructive role being played by the Bay Are: Sikhs in the socio economic life of the country. The function was organized by Sikh Youth of Cali. Fornia in which all other Sikh organizations also participated.

Earlier, a proclamation was issued by the State Senate at the instance of Senator Milton Marks the full text of the proclamation is as follows:

Senate Committee Rule Resolution by Senator Milton Marks. Relative to celebrating Vaisakhi Day:

Whereas, April 13, 1988, is Vaisakhi Day, the Birthday of Sikh religion and nation and in recognition of this religious and historical occasion, the Sikh community of the Bay Area is deserving of special accommodations and whereas in 1699 the Tenth Master, Guru Gobind Singh, transformed Sikhs into Saint Soldiers by baptizing them with Amrit, the Sikhs were to subscribe to the five K’s i.e. Un cut hair, kangha or comb, kirpan or sword, karra or steel bracelet and kachha or shorts and whereas the Guru himself received baptism from the five beloved ones (Panj Piaras) and whereas Guru Gobind Singh created the order of Khalsa by abolishing the caste, and brought the high and low to the status of equality and introduced democracy in realms of religion by vesting the leadership in the community, Guru Panth and whereas the religion of the Sikhs is a monotheistic religion in which God is taken to be the Absolute Reality. And whereas Sikhism lays great stress on equality and fraternity of man, self-respect for the human personality. Service to humanity in the form of caring and protection of others less fortunate, the virtues of hard work and honesty, democratic values such as freedom of speech. The equality of women in all spheres of spiritual and the nobility of fight oppression and injustice. And whereas the Senate of California is home to 300,000 American Sikhs who are the backbone of peach farming in the state and who have also contributed to the fields of engineering, computer science, medical sciences, now therefore be it resolved by the Senate Rules Committee that the members extend their highest commendations to the Sikh community in the Bay Area on the occasion of Vaisakhi Day to commemorate the illustrious history of the Sikh religion and nation and convey to the Sikh community throughout California best wishes for every success in their future and be it further resolved that a suitably pre copy of this resolution be transmitted to the Sikh community in the Bay area.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 15, 1988