Ramaswamy’s resignation from the president ship of Indian Hockey Federation comes as a rude shock.

Indian hockey was at its best under him during the seventies. But of late the decline in the game has virtually lander the team at the bottom.

The selection of team and lack of astro turf was a major setback. Mr. Ramaswamy was disgusted and when the president of the Federation says so, there remains little doubt that the game calls for some drastic overhauling. His opinion that all major cities in India be provided with artificial turfs, deserves thought and early implementation. Lovers of the game will endorse his views that Indian hoc: key could not regain world supremacy without the basic modern facilities.

His quitting the job, is indeed a sorry tale. However, let us hope he continues to put in the desired efforts to promote Indian hockey.

Till next week.

Sportingly yours, RS.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 19, 1987