NEW DELHI, India: Home Minister of India, Buta Singh offered its readiness for a dialogue with U.A.D., provided peace is brought back to Punjab. This is for the first time, that the Center has talked of a negotiated settlement.

Although, this offer has been attached with conditions, still the political circles attach importance to the change of attitude and thinking in the Central government for the settlement of Punjab issue. Previously the government had firmly rejected any political dialogue as the freedom fighters were continuing their activities.

The present offer of Buta Singh for talks came at the time when activities of the freedom fighters were not on wane and they were making VIPs as their targets every day.

The main condition for the U.A.D. leaders as put by Buta Singh was that they shall have to tell the Indian nation that they have complete faith in the constitution of India. He regretted that the U.A.D. was acting in the opposite direction. According to him, the activities of U.A.D. are encouraging freedom fighters in the Sikh community.

This offer of conditional talks with U.A.D. clearly indicates that Barnala faction has been washed away in the eyes of the Centre.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 5, 1988