Amritsar — Buta Singh, Agriculture Minister in Rajiv Gandhi’s cabinet, has been excommunicated by the High Priests for gross violation of the Akal Takht orders. Buta Singh was served with a show because notice along with Zail Singh for participating in the government sponsored Kar Sewa for the repair of Akal. Takht after operation B! Star. They were asked .o appear before the High Priests to explain their conduct. Zail Singh metthe Priests while on his official visit to the Golden Temple and managed his exoneration. Buta Singh refused to appear before the priests saying that he had not decided as yet whether he was answerable to the priests for the charges mentioned by them. “‘He is answerable to his Guru and the Akal Takht for his conduct on religious matters,’ he said. “‘But if the charges are connected with his political and administrative actions, then even according to the ‘“‘Rehatnama,”’ “the is answerable only to his. Political authority,” he added.

Santa Singh was earlier excommunicated for carrying out the ‘““Kar Sewa”’ despite instructions to the contrary by the High priests. High Priests have appealed to the Sikhs all over the world not to have any dealings with Buta Singh. He should not be allowed to address any religious congregation or meeting in a Gurdwara, says the Hukamnama.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 5, 1985