RANGOON, Sept 16, Reuter: Opposition leaders stoking Burma’s mass uprising for multiparty Government believe the Government will begin negotiating to step down within a few days.

Organizers in Rangoon called early on Friday for another day of massive demonstrations, strikes and hunger strikes to press demands for the Burma socialist Programme Party’s resignation and an interim Government to hold free elections.

General Tin Go told Reuters on Thursday night that he and other leading figures of the opposition expected the Government to start negotiations within a few days to step down honourably and with guarantees of safety.

Tinoo, speaking for colleagues in the opposition, said: “We all believe within two or three days’ time there will be a clear cut policy and we will reach a very plausible and very effective agreement to form an interim Government … if they (the Government) ‘wish, it could be done in a few hours.

“There is anxiety and concern among (the Government) they will be treated harshly … actually the mass movement is not thinking like this,” Tin 00 added,

Vigilante groups patrolling neighbor hoods in Rangoon have executed, sometimes beheading and burning, suspected Government agents provocateurs accused of attempting arson or poisonings.

The 25 year old BSPP monopoly of power has crumbled in Rangoon and other major towns. Tinoo, 62, said BSPP heads of Mandalay and Sagging Divisions (Provinces) had quit the party and taken refuge in Buddhist monasteries on Thursday.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 23, 1988