LONDON, Jan. 25, Reuter: A British politician said today that as many as 50 foreign diplomats had escaped prosecution for offences in Britain by claiming diplomatic immunity, and said he would demand that they be named.

Conservative Member of Parliament Peter Bruinvels said he would ask Foreign Secretary Sir Geoffrey Howe in Parliament to publish the names of diplomats, most of whom were sent home by their missions, and the nature of their offences.

“If the government does not publish the names, then I shall,” he warned. “We must now get tough with these people”.

Last week the press and politicians reacted angrily, with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher being questioned in Parliament, following a report that the husband of an American diplomat had allegedly got away with indecently assaulting a six year old British girl by claiming diplomatic immunity.

“I want this man extradited to face trial in this country or prosecuted in the United States for his alleged offence”, Bruinvels said. “If not, then the number of diplomats in the U.S. Mission should be reduced by one”, he added.

“There is far too much cloak and dagger here. We must end a situation which puts some people above the law”, he said.

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 13, 1987