By Richard Baimforth

BRUSSELS: Reuter: Twenty six British Soccer fins go on trial on Monday for the unlawful killing of 39 people, mostly Italians, in riots at the Brussels Heysel Stadium.

The Britons are charged with man slaughter “by premeditated assault and battery,” arising from the disaster on May 29, 1985. When fans rampaged across he pitch before a European Cup final and toppled a wall on to the crowd,

The tragedy beamed by television to shocked audiences around the world, marked a new low in soccer Hooliganism and Jed to calls throughout Europe for stiffer penalties to combat it.

The Britons, mostly in their 20’s and supporters of the English club Liverpool which met Italy’s Juventus that night, could be jailed for 10 years if convicted.

Appearing with them will be three Belgians—two local police officers and Albert Roosens, General Secretary of Belgium’s football union.

Article extracted from this publication >> October 21, 1988