STOCKTON, Ca. Worldwide shock was felt in the Sikh Panth on the gangster type killing of three innocent, unarmed young Sikhs, Sukhminder Singh Chhinda, Harminder Singh Bunty and Darshan Singh Dalla by the Indian government’s hired killers in Chandigarh. Antam Ardas and Bhog ceremonies were performed simultaneously in New York, Montreal, London and Stockton. S. it Singh Mangat in New York, condemned in strong words this new policy of “hired killers” adopted by the government of India to murder the Sikh young men on the streets in broad daylight. He said India has forfeited’ its right to sit among the civilized nations in the United Nations. Joining the congregation, S. Jagjit Singh Mangat prayed to Waheguru to bless the souls of these departed young men and to give us the courage to continue the fight against tyranny. At Stockton, Dr. Gurinder Singh Grewal also condemned the killings and warned the government that such bloodshed of our young people will bear the fruits of freedom and establish the State of Khalistan one day. Dr. Gurinder Singh paid tribute to the youngmen and prayed for the peace of their souls,

Similarly bhog ceremonies were held at Montreal (Lochine) and London where huge congregations took part in praying for the departed souls.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 25, 1988