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Chandigarh: After eighteen months of comparative inactivity Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’s Damdami Taksaal of Chowk Mehta has again started addressing itself to the Sikh problems. A senior leader of the Taksaal, S. Mohkam Singh, held a press conference in Amritsar on November 18 where he announced the formation of a seven member Sikh Families Relief committee to look after those families whose members were killed in the Army attack on the Golden Temple. Bhai Jasbir Singh, nephew of Sant Bhindranwale who is currently under detention in a Madhya Pradesh jail has been appointed its Convener. In his absence Bhai Bakhshish Singh, Manager Gurdwara Gurdarshan Prakash, Chowk Mehta, will act as the schools and colleges of the state on December 34 to pro test against the continued apaBibi Harjit Kaur w/o Late Bhai Amrik Singh, Bibi Bimla Kaur Khalsa, S. Harinder Singh Kahlon (Convener AISSF) and Maj. Gen. Narinder Singh.

  1. Mohkam Singh disclosed that Rupees eight lakhs had already been distributed among the affected families. He also announced that a big Shaheedi conference would be held on December 29 at Chowk Mehta and compensation would be given to all those families who had become victims during the Morcha and the Army attack. He said that more than 150 members of the Damdami Taksaal were killed in the attack on the Golden Temple. Political circles attach great importance to Damdami Taksaal’s new activities as the Taksaal holds considerable influence in the state.

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 29, 1985