New Delhi — Satwant Singh, the surviving assassin of Indira Gandhi, has said that Beant Singh the slain assassin, had asked him to ‘specially ensure’’ that no bullet hit her special assistant, Mr. R. K. Dhawan, while they carried out their plan on October 31 last.

In his confessional statement, he also said Beant Singh had ‘“‘good friendship”’ with Mr. Dha wan and hence no one suspected Beant Singh.

The confession was recorded by the Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. Mr. Bharat Bhu shan, on December 1 last year. The copies were supplied to the accused on Monday.

Two months after the confessional statement was recorded counsel for Satwant Singh submitted in an application before the Additional Chief Met ropolitan Magistrate. Mr. S. L. Khanna, that the accused was being harassed into making a statement naming some people, in cluding Mr. R.K. Dhawan, as being among the conspirators responsible for the murder of Indira Gandhi.

The application was heard on February 4 by Mr. Khanna, who directed the investigating agencies not to interrogate or harass the ac cussed in jail without prior permission from the court.

Following is the text of the confessional statement made by Satwant Singh.

“I and Sub Inspector Beant Singh were on duty at the PM’s house together. I used to wear uniform while Beant Singh was on_ security duty. I had been on PM’s house duty for the past 21 months. I had slight friendship with Beant Singh and we used to wish each other but we became friends after Sep tember 29, 1984.

On October 16, when we both were on duty in the PM’s house, Beant met me in the bathroom. He asked me to visit his residence; I said I would positively come. Beant Singh used to reside in the Ashoka Road police lines.

“When I visited his place on the 17th, he was not at home but came shortly after my arrival. He told me that the purpose of my being called there was to plan the PM’s killings I thought he was joking and in the hit by meantime his wife came in and he stopped talking. I sought his leave. He asked me when I would be meeting him again.

“The next day, I met him at Gurdwara Bangla Sahed at 7 p.m. But there was no further talk. I went on leave on October 19 and returned on October 24.”

On the same day we both took ‘‘Amrit’’ in a Gurdwara in R.K. Puram. Beant Singh had also talked to on Balbir Singh of the PM’s house. In fact earlier they (both Beant and Balbir) had planned to kill the PM, Amarjeet Singh SI PM House and one Delhi bat terywala Harbans Singh of Mori Gate shop were also involved. He was fat, heavy of medium dark complexion and about 45 years of age.

“He and his son aged about 20 years, met me for the first time at Beant’s place. Beant was a good friend of the PM’s Secretary, Mr. R. K. Dhawan therefore nobody suspected Beant Singh.

“On the 24th Beant told me that we would kill the PM on October 25. I was asked to get myself posted at the TMC gate from 7 to 10 a.m. But I became somewhat fright ended and did not get myself posted there. But I told Beant that I could not get posted there.


“He again took me to his house on October 27 and told me that the PM’s programme for a week had come. People would come for the PM’s darshan on October 31. He said one of her next programmes had been cancelled and that now we must succeed on the 3lst. He told me that the PM had to be killed on August 15 but they could not succeed then.

“He told me repeatedly to get myself posted on 3lst morning and asked me to take special care to see that no < bullet hit R.K. Dhawan. He said first he would fire at PM.”

“Then first Beant and then I threw away our weapons and raised our hands. After the security people caught us and took us to the UTBP guard room. Then after making us sit on chairs the ITBP guards surrounded us with their stenguns raised towards us.”’

“After a short while an ITBP guard fired at me and Beant Singh. I was 12 bullets. And Beant died on the spot. I too became unconscious. Then I was admitted to the hospital.”

According to the post mortem report Indira Gandhi suffered 24 bullet injuries. The report gave this list: Two bullet injuries on the right shoulder, two bullet injuries on the right chest, two on the left chest, one on the left arm, one on the right armpit.

There were three bullet injuries on the right leg and two on the thigh, one on the left leg inner side, one abrasion on the inner side of the left leg and one bullet injury on the left thigh. There were various bullet marks on the abdomen and seven bullet injuries on the back.

“We both got ourselves posted near the T.M.C. Gate in the PM’s house on October 31. My duty was from 7 to 10 a.m. and Beant’s from 7 to 1:30 p.m. We both were on TMC duty. About quarter to eight Beant told me that a film was being shot on the PM and she would Eros that way three or four times and we must do the job that day.”

“About 9 or 9:15 a.m. Indira Gandhi, Mr. R. K. Dhawan, Fotedar, two other persons and Narain Singh, who was holding an umbrella, came out of 1, Safdarjang Road. They were going towards Akbar Road. At that time the PM was about 7 or 8 steps distance from us.”

Beant Singh took about two steps and fired four or five times from his revolver at Indira Gandhi. I had one S.A.F. Stengun. I cocked my stengun and at once covered the left side of the PM. I had put 20 bullets in the stengun and fired all the bullets at the PM. Some of them hit her and some hit the road. The PM fell to the ground after being hit by the first bullet.”

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Article extracted from this publication >> March 15, 1985