CHANDIGARH India: In an effort to woo back his former colleagues, the chief Minister, Sugit Singh Bamala rushed to Barnala, his home town in district Sangrur. Most of the prominent leaders of his district unit had switched their loyalty two days ago. Jathedar Harnek Singh Sekhon, the acting chief of Sangcur and other prominent leaders ‘were present at the residence of P’S. Badal to announce their defection.

Mr. Barnala insisted that drama of defections was a show of dummies and described it as a storm in the tea cup. This defection is being considered as a revolt against Kartar Singh Joshila, the Jathedar of Akali Dal (L) district Sangrur. Barnala also criticized the U.A.D. leaders for organizing defection.

Meanwhile the U.A.D. Circles have claimed that contacts have been established with the rank and file of Longowal factions in all the districts to stage defections on the Sangrur pattern. These sources also claimed that their next target would be Jullundur and Kapurthala districts which are considered to be the strong hold of former Finance Minister, Balwant Singh. U.A.D. has planned a rally at Kapurthala on January 4, 1988. They also claim to complete this process before February 21, when they intend to organize a state level conference at Ludhiana.

Interesting part of this whole drama was that Balwant Singh accused the U.A.D. leadership for playing in the hands of the ruling party, Congress (I). He again insisted on implementation of the dead Punjab Accord to beat his rivals.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988