DHAKA Jan. 17, Reuter: Bangladesh’s main opposition party, the Awami league, has ended a boycott of Parliament and will attend its winter session beginning next Saturday, party Chief Sheikh Hasina announced today.

She told reporters at northern Faridpur town that since President Hossain Mohammad “Ershad has now lifted martial law, there is no reason to keep away from Parliament. This time we are going to attend”.

Hasina, who is also the Parliamentary Opposition Leader, further said, “People have voted for us to speak for them and we must honor their opinion”.

Ershad ended nearly four and a half years of military rule last November after parliament passed a law, in a one day session, protecting him against prosecution for his role during martial law.

The Constitutional Amendment Law was approved by a vote of 2230 in the 330 Member House as the Awami League and some smaller parties boycotted.

Opposition parties at the time said they would not join Parliament before Ershad fully restored democracy by ending military rule.

Ershad, a Geneal who seized power in a bloodless coup in March, 1982, resigned his post as Army Chief of Staff in August and took over as Bangladesh’s third elected President after his landslide victory in the October 15 election, which the Opposition claimed were tainted.

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