CHANDIGARH, India: Joginder Singh, father of late Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, was kept away from Saturday’s meeting.

He took over leadership of the hardline faction of the Sikh movement after the death of Bhidnran wale in 1984, when troops stormed an Amritsar complex] housing the sect’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple.

Amrinder Singh said after the meeting that they were considering merger with Barnala’s group after the former Chief Minister had revenge and find a solution to the socioeconomic problems of the state, it suggest repeal of all “antidemocratic, black laws enacted for Punjab”, including the 59th amendment, all prisoners held in connection with Punjab problem be set free or tried under ordinary democratic laws, all those responsible for the 1984 riots and fake encounters in Punjab be brought to book, Punjabi speaking areas be merged into Punjab, Punjab and other states be granted more autonomy, the controversial SYL canal scheme be cancelled and a proper plan for relief and rehabilitation of those affected by the turmoil of chalked’ out.

Sought forgiveness from Sikhism’s five high priests last week for not presenting himself ‘when summoned by them. He was summoned after he ordered a police raid on the Amritsar complex.

Bamala, who had ordered the raid before the New Delhi dismissed him a year ago for failing to control violence, has joined with Amrinder Singh as to unite moderate Sikh factions to regain their lost positions and to weaken the separatist movement for Khalistan.

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