Chandigarh: The murder of Nihang Baba Kahan Singh, Deputy Chief of Taruna Dal, continues to bea mystery for the police. He was murdered when, after celebrating Dussehra, he was resting ina room adjoining the main building of the Gurdwara. His chief bodyguard, Sukha Singh, was also killed in the attack. Baba Kahan Singh had come to Nander Sahib from Punjab along with their 48 horsemen to celebrate Holla. According to Police sources, Baba Kahan Singh’s followers opened fire on the escaping assailants but failed to apprehend them. The assailants were wearing masks. However, they suspect them to be Sikhs because Baba Kahan Singh had lately started openly criticizing Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and he had also participated in the “Kar Sewa’ of Akal Takht along with Baba Santa Singh. A few days earlier, when some young men objected to his remarks while he was addressing a gathering, the followers of the Baba had beaten them up. Police sources also suspect involvement of these young men in the murder. According to another source police is also considering the possibility that the murder might have been committed by Sukhdev Singh Shreeka of Amritsar who is a proclaimed offender and carrys an award of one hundred thousand on his head and who had some time ago threatened to murder Baba Kahan Singh.

Punjab government has sent a special team of its secret police to help the local police in investigating the case. Baba Kahan Singh was cremated at Baba Bakala.

Article extracted from this publication >>  November 1, 1985