Amritsar — Baba Joginder has assumed the leadership of the United Shiromani Akali Dal. All shades of Sikh of opinion, except the Sarkari Sikhs, have assured full support to the Baba.

Reacting to the series of Bomb explosions in Northern India, Baba Joginder Singh in his first public statement described it as a conspiracy of the Government to further persecute the Sikhs. “How could Sikhs execute such an extensive and sophisticated plan in a virtual military set up especially when every Sikh in India is a suspect and his movements are closely watched both by the police and the hostile Hindu population,’ he asked. The bombs were simultaneously set off in States outside Punjab where Sikhs form just a microscopic minority. Besides Sikhs can easily be distinguished from others because of their beards and turbans.

There is increasing awareness in International circles regarding the gigantic fraud perpetrated by the Indian government in protecting peace loving Sikhs as ‘“terrorists’’ and ‘“‘separatists’’ in order to justify its senseless army attack on the holiest of Sikh shrines. More and more organizations championing the cause of human rights had begun to question and condemn Indian government policy of persecuting Sikhs. The Government of India appears to have put into operation new frauds like that of bomb explosions and other such actions to counter the growing International opinion against its black deeds.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 17, 1985



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Article extracted from this publication >>