Jalandhar — Baba Joginder Singh and six other senior leaders of the united Akali Dal on Sunday alleged that Mr. Harchand Singh Longowal and _ the SGPC president, Mr. G. S. Tohra, have a secret understanding with the Government and have held secret meetings with government emissaries.

In a statement released here, the leaders of the united Akali Dal alleged that both leaders had an understanding with the Government that Sikh youths numbering about 15,000 who were languishing in different jails, would not be released till Mr. Longowal and Mr. Tohra were politically rehabilitated. Even ragis, granthis and members of kirtani jathas were being put behind the bars.

The leaders accused Mr. Longowal and Mr. Tohra of preach of faith and said that both had surrendered to the Army during Operation Bluestar breaking their solemn oaths taken at the Akal Takht. They held them responsible for the destruction of the Akal Takht and damage to the Harmander Sahib.

They alleged that both of them were not interested in a solution to the Punjab problem but wanted only power.

They said both Mr. Tohra and Mr. Longowal were timid and therefore unable to take correct political decisions.

The signatories to the statements were Mr. Atma Singh, Mr. Ujjagar Singh Sekhwan both MLAs, Mr. Randhir Singh Cheema, Mr. Tejwant Singh Narangwal, Mr. Inderjit Singh Khalsa, Mr. Ranjit Singh Brahmipura and Mr. Rase begh Singh Dhillon. Mr. Longowal said on Sunday that his party

Would have no objection to the united Akal Dal’s existence if the latter succeeded in solving the problems of the Sikhs and secured the acceptance of Akali demands.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 12, 1985