New Delhi: (By U.K.I.): Director General of Border Security Force Mr. M.C, Misra has urged that there is urgent need to tighten security on the border to check the infiltration by the extremeists & Anti National elements. Talking to newsmen on Nov 23 on the 21st Raising day ceremony of the B.S.F he said that he has already submitted a proposal to government to reduce the distance on the Border posts. We are having discussions in the Home Ministry in this regard Mr. Misra added.

Referring to the continuous influx of infiltrators in Punjab Mr. Misra said that the existing strength of the forces in the state should be doubled. Round the clock vigil on the border has yielded excellent results in the anti-smuggling operations.

B.S.F. has confiscated contrabands worth 21 crores in this includes 325 kg. Of Heroin worth about Rs 16 crores, the Border of Rajasthan. This is due to vigilance of B.S.F.

The Director General stated B.S.F has done a commendable job in this regard and arrested 74 extremists and recovered huge quantities of Arms and Ammunitions from them. He observed that most of the militants were trained across the Border. This information was revealed by those arrested. He pointed out that B.S.F has also stepped up vigilance to check the illegal crossings by foreign nationals as many as 41,900 illegal immigrants who were trying to cross the Border this year were apprehended. Most of the infiltration was in the eastern sector where about 11,000 infiltrates were intercepted. Infiltration in Assam has also come down because of strict vigilance of B.S.F & other agencies.

He said to enhance the efficiency of B.S.F., sophisticated equipment; better means of communication and transport were required. The marine wing has also been strengthened to patrol Ravine Border.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 6, 1985