GAUGATI, India, May 1, (Reuter): Protesting students blocked railway lines throughout Assam today, bringing traffic to a halt and stranding thousands of travelers in the northeast Indian State, rail officials told Reuters. The militant Assam Nationalist Youth and Student Front called the 24hour blockade to press their demand for implementation of an agreement made with the Central Government in August, 1985. Teams of volunteers manned picket lines across the tracks, forcing cancellation of trains within Assam and to the rest of India. Police were not in force but no violent incidents were reported. The 1985 agreement was intended to reduce the number of settlers from other states, who many Assamese believe are overwhelming their culture.

The militants want even tougher measures including the introduction of internal passports for all Visitors from other parts of India.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987