1. Are Hindus to be considered enemies of the Sikhs? M.L.K., New York
  2. Except for the known persecutors of the Sikhs, Hindu is a Ram Jethmalani unless he proves to be H.K.L. Bhagat.
  3. How many Sikhs really believe in Khalistan? G.L. Handa
  4. Exactly as many as stand in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib with folded hands and bowed heads and recite Raj Karega Khalsa” with honesty and conviction.
  5. What will be the position of Hindus in Khalistan? Swaroop Singh Cheema
  6. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji made supreme sacrifices in defense of religious freedom, which must be guaranteed in Khalistan, universally.
  7. Does a true Sikh believe in nonviolence at all costs? Kulbir Singh Vancouver
  8. It depends on whether he is the son of Dashmesh or calls Mohandas K. Gandhi his Bapu.
  9. What will the Sikh struggle lead to? R.S. Bhogal, Ont.
  10. Khalistan.


  1. What can the Sikhs profit by fighting India? D.K.G. A. It depends on your concept of “‘profit.”’ Is it the profit you make in a grocery store or is it what you realize through independence and sovereignty?
  2. Will Punjab become Khalistan? P.S. Bhatia
  3. Punjab will be part of Khalistan.
  4. Will Khalistan be friendly towards India? B.S. Shaan, FI.
  5. It depends on a multiplicity of factors, like, what happens between now and the realization of the independent Sikh State; who rules India then and finally what would be the intentions of India visavis Khalistan.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 29, 1985