There are others who read real history and face facts. Before 1857 India was always parceled into several states which were al daggers drawn. To defeat enemy states some of the Hindu rulers even invited foreigners. The mutiny of 1857 was not a war of independence there was little identity of purpose-between Muslims who wanted the restoration of the Mughal rule and the Marahathas who wanted to re-establish Maratha hegemony. In 1947 the partition was the result of separatist tendency. States have been reorganized on linguistic basis.

So there are a two opposing tendencies one of integration and the other of diversification. The first favors complete unity by rolling down diversity the second favors local autonomy amounting to independence.

Nationalism in India from 1857 to 1947 was a religious Nationalism So Nationalism and communalism proved to be synonymous. So it is for the majority community to change the concept of Hindu Nationalism. Any claim on the part of minority is dubbed as communalism. It wants to hang the minorities in name of Nationalism just to hide their own communalism. The ruling classes are dreaming of Hinduising all politics and absorbing other cultural minorities.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 3, 1991