New Delhi — Mr. Arjan Dass, a senior Congress (I) official and member Delhi Metropolitan Corporation was shot dead in his office by two gunmen. His bodyguard was also killed. The assailants escaped on a scooter after killing them. One assailant wearing a turban entered his office and opened fire with a stengun in broad day light. The assailants, according to eye witnesses, raised slogans of long live Khalistan before escaping. Nobody tried to stop them nor followed them.

Arjan Dass’s name figured in the list of those who were accused of inciting and participating in the anti-Sikh riots after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Nearly 10,000 innocent Sikhs were brutally massacred in Congress (1) party engineered holocaust against them. Thousands were burnt alive and hundreds of women were dishonored. This organized and state aided violence has generated a terribly uncompromising antagonism against all those who have been identified by the victims as party to the outrage. The relatives of the affected families are determined to wreak vengeance in view of government’s policy of patronizing and promoting the perpetrators of crimes against Sikhs.

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 6, 1985