Sat Sri Akal. I am writing to you on this day of Baisakhi which in a way is the true birthday of all Sikh brothers and sisters. Approximately 300 years ago, our nation was born on this day to fight and finish the cruelties being perpetrated on the innocent Hindu ladies and holy Hindu shrines.

By organizing ourselves into one Khalsa organization under the brave guidance of Guru Gobind Singh Ji we successfully defeated the barbarous enemy who was a thousand times more powerful than us.

Now time has come that we need to take similar organized steps to restore the dignity of our own holiest shrines and accord suitable punishment to the thousands of criminals who killed our own innocent children and raped our own dear sisters.

Now is the time for the Sikhs all over the world to unite and fight the inhuman rulers of India with a single voice and under a single fold.

We have already taken the first step and we have formed our united body, World Sikh Organization. But we cannot stop just at that; we have to make it such a strong body that the governments of India and other countries listen to each and every word coming out of this organization with respect and dignity. We have to ensure that this organization takes all the necessary steps promptly to provide moral and monetary support to our victimized Sikh brothers and sisters in India. We have to ensure that this organization does not suffer a bit from lack of monetary or human resources to complete all the noble deeds we want to accomplish through this organization. Lastly, we want to ensure that this organization is run by truly brave, efficient and sincere Sikhs who can guide our whole nation to its old glory.

The best way to ensure the achievement of the above worthy objectives is that all of us should positively become its members before April 30th, so that we can have the voting rights to select the very first official batch of our delegates in whom we have maximum trust to represent our views and to act promptly and bravely on our behalf. Not to join this organization will mean that we do not care whether any united actions are taken to accomplish our objectives and we do not care whether this organization is run or controlled by right persons.

We have the traditions (like Bhai Juga Singh) that we can leave our marriage ceremonies half way whenever we received a call from our Guru. Can we follow these traditions a little bit now by signing our membership form and mailing it forthwith and thus placing our services at the feet of our nation?


Sincerely yours,

Daljit Singh Jawa


Article extracted from this publication >>  April 26, 1985